is prone to informing us about his loneliness and making us feel really sad about it. He shared some posts in October that exhibited an extreme case this.  over a background a raindrop-covered window. As if our hearts didn’t collectively ache enough when seeing that, he followed it up the next day with more depressive diaries. He shared . Among those messages was one that read “I can’t believe you left me and I never left you.” He then recorded himself Google-searching “WHY IS LIL UZI SO SAD”!

He continues to broadcast these unfortunate updates. Last week, : “It’s because I’m by myself.” Turns out Uzi is going to be alone on New Year’s like he was on Christmas, but he assured us that this time there is no cause for despair. In fact, for fans, it can be seen as a cause for celebration. In an Instagram story today, he wrote: “Alone on New Year’s for the right reasons #work.” You can also be consoled by the fact that Uzi will be accompanied by his racks tonight.

Lil Uzi Vert Explains Why He's Spending New Year's Eve Alone

I guess Eternal Atake really is on the way. In preparation, .