It's been one year to the day since was gunned down in Los Angeles. The rapper's legacy has continued to make an impact on communities worldwide as rivals have made amends and groups that were once at odds have come together to uplift the next generation leaders. The trial Eric Holder, the  that fateful day, is on the horizon, but in the meantime, Nipsey's loved ones have , including the love his life, Lauren London.

As thousands Nipsey fans praised the rapper on the one-year anniversary his death, Lauren London took to her Instagram account to share heartwarming words dedicated to her late partner. in their entirety as she penned it to maintain the integrity the message.

It reads:

Time is deceptive
It’s been a year since you transitioned
The pain is as heavy today as it was a year ago
God knows I would give anything to see you again
I didn’t think I was going to survive a second any this
Prayers have kept me together
The kids keep me going and
Gods Grace and Mercy have carried me this far
As today makes a year
I stand strong because you
Because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way
Because I recall every late night conversation we had about resilience and fear
Because you were my greatest teacher and because you are still with us, in spirit

every breath i take
I honor you
I carry this pain with purpose
I promise I will make you proud
I promise to apply everything you taught me
In life and in death
Ermias Asghedom
There will never be another
Until we are together again....
I love you beyond human understanding ( but you know that already)🏁

The Marathon Continues. Check out the Instagram post by Lauren London below.