Although Kodak Black is incarcerated, that didn’t put a damper on his philanthropic efforts.

The controversial rapper cashed out $20,000 on a toy drive for the kids in his hometown.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen says he donated a countless number of toys that definitely brought smiles to the kids in Broward County, Florida.


Apparently the “Tunnel Vision” rapper was involved in the event even behind bars. He decided which toys to purchase and how to present them.

The youngsters got their hands on games, dolls, stuffed animals, Legos, remote control cars, scooters and more.

The families were also treated to $50, $100 gift cards and pizza.

Many celebs are doing their part and bringing holiday cheer to their hometown. It’s good to see that Kodak Black is selflessly thinking about his community even while he’s in jail.

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