KingAudi impresses with his new track, “2 AM” available on all major digital platforms and coming served with a music video. The emerging urban creative is showcasing his strong penchant for laid-back, stress-free vibes, in contrast with his previous release, “Pope,” home to a much heavier bass and darker flow.  

“2 AM” is an opportunity to get to know KingAudi better, as he unveils the root of his inspiration, cruising at 2am around San-Diego’s streets while reflecting on his own life and future. 

Make sure to also check-out “Save Her,” a track he dropped earlier this year home to a sick beat and smooth flow, and once again pushing forward his signature style. 

When asked about his creative process, KingAudi shared: “I feel like there is no difference because every song got my energy and mind put into it. It’s like ripping out a piece of me and putting it on a beat every track.” 

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