King Von’s sister blasted the Atlanta mortician who allegedly leaked the graphic images of her brother’s autopsy.

The late rapper’s sister, Kayla, posted a series of photos of the suspects including his Facebook profile and alleged address. “THIS THE SICK MFER THAT POSTED MY BROTHER PICTURES !!! HE WORK AT THE AIPORT MORTUARY. HIS WHOLE JOB KNOW HE DID THE SHIT BUT THEY TRNA PROTECT HIM!!! WE NEED HIM FIRED NOW!!!!”

Kayla has been publicly mourning her brother since the tragic death last Friday outside of an Atlanta lounge. A few days after his passing, his lifeless body at the morgue appeared online.


Kayla has been going toe-to-toe with anyone who she feels is disrespecting King Von’s legacy.

Her latest target prior to the mortician was T.I., who advised people to “Handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance,” in a since-deleted post.

She accused Tip of creeping on his wife, Tiny, recently and sicked 50 Cent on him, who actually did weigh in on the controversy.

T.I. alleged that his message wasn’t directed to Von and says he was “grossly mistaken.”

Another video of the night in question surfaced and it shows the OTF rapper throwing the first punch the erupted the chaos.

22-year-old Timothy Leeks was charged for Von’s murder and was arrested while he was hospitalized for a gunshot wound.

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