has had some interesting ideas in regards to the game basketball over the years. His Big3 league has seen quite a bit success and now that we don't have any sports on television, he is looking to provide fans with some much-needed entertainment. This would come in the form a . The players would also be filmed in this environment which would lead to a Big Brother-style reality TV show.

During a recent episode  The Jump on ESPN, Kendrick Perkins had some interesting thoughts on the tournament, noting that he doesn't think it's a good idea.

“Right now, although we need entertainment, although we are thirsty for sports … but right now I just don't think it’s the time and I’m 100 percent against it,” Perkins said. “To me, it’s sending out a bad example social distancing although you’re going through the proper steps, you still don't want to play with this right now because we’ve all never experienced anything like this.”

Paul Pierce went on to say that he wants to participate in the tournament which, to be honest, would make the reality show that much more fun to watch. For now, it looks like this tournament is a real possibility to stay tuned for updates on its production.