was recently joined by Tom Holland on an Instagram live session, where Tom gave Justin a TV show recommendation and Justin showed f his massive property. As , Justin Bieber has been live streaming fairly ten. On Tuesday, the singer accepted Tom Holland’s request to join his latest session, despite the two apparently never having met before. As soon as Tom appeared on the live (2:34), Justin expressed how much a fan he was the current Spider-Man, a sentiment that Tom shared. Biebs also thanked Tom for the kind words he said about his documentary series, Seasons, before Tom urged Justin to watch the reality show, Alone.

According to Tom, the series follows “ten people” who are left to fend for themselves “in the wilderness, and they have to survive for as long as possible.” Justin proceeded to ask Tom if he’d been working on the set any projects prior to the coronavirus-induced shutdown virtually all productions. Tom revealed that based on the video game, before production was shut down. When Justin asked how much he’d prepared for the role, Tom confessed, “I mean, I did a bit. I played the video games, and I got into shape, but I wasn’t putting my heart and my soul on the line for it.”

Justin Bieber & Tom Holland Meet For The First Time On IG LiveAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Justin also met a friend Tom’s during the live session, before giving a brief virtual tour his massive property in Ontario, where he and his wife, Hailey, are isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. It was just announced that