John Fletcher of hip-hop group Whodini has passed away, Billboard reports. Fletcher was known on stage as Ecstasy and wore a trademark Zorro hat on stage. He was 56-years-old at the time of death.

“The African and Native American ancestors have gathered around and chosen this day, during the Winter Solstice, Dec 23rd, 2020 to call upon a most endeared, generous, and sincere soul who graced The World’s heart through performance, hip-hop, family, children and grandchildren,” his family said in a statement. “John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher was a beloved man, the life partner to Deltonia and ex-husband to Carla, twin brother to Joseph, artist, friend, and lifetime performing partner to the Legendary Jalil of Whodini. Whodini set a hip-hop course of legendary status that we are all sure to pass on to our grandchildren. 

“Please send love and prayers to our family, and with open hearts we ask the ancestors to cover his soul in peace and tranquility. Play his music if it moves you, and know he’ll be hearing you on his way home this day, Dec 23rd.”

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