This season has been monumental for Jimmy Butler as he is proving himself to be a superstar who can carry a team when the pieces are right. The  and if and when the league comes back, the team has the potential to go on a big run. 

Butler is consistently referred to as one the . Sometimes, his competitive spirit rubs people the wrong way but for those who want to win, his attitude is a breath fresh air. There are plenty guys who have played with Butler who like him and two those men are Duncan Robinson and JJ Redick.

During an episode Redick's podcast, the NBA veteran noted that Butler takes issue with being guarded by white people and made sure to let Redick know. Butler even told Robinson that he has no chance successfully guarding him, either.

This is an interesting revelation although we wish we had Butler to elaborate on this. While this was probably said all in good fun, there are still people on social media who are upset with Butler. Realistically, what he said isn't worth getting upset over, especially since it was something he said to a teammate. 

Butler is a competitive yet sarcastic guy and anything he says on the court should be taken with a grain salt.