Memes come and go, but some last forever. We’re not sure about this one, but you can decide for yourself.

A Jason Momoa meme has been circulating the internet as late, following the Coronavirus-related frenzy that has taken over the media. Publications across the world are reminding children and adults to be vigilant in washing their hands. Some posts are highly informative in nature, while some, like this Aquaman meme, tend to be more entertaining. 

Doctors and advocates have been asking the public to consider washing their hands for an average 20 seconds, with soap and water, several times a day. Some  have been shared to help hand-washers count to 20. For example, you could sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself 2 times over (weird, even if it was your birthday), or you could pretend you’re washing Jason Momoa. 

All jokes aside, the Coronavirus is very real, and we ask that you take the precautions necessary to take care yourself and your family. Many major public events are under review because the concern for public health. The  nervous businesses that are preparing to make some adjustments in the upcoming months. 

Are you guys taking precautions for COVID-19? Or are you gonna ?