Jacob Blake’s family hosted a block party during the time of Donald Trump’s visit to Kenosha.

Trump was discouraged by local officials about visiting Kenosha as people thought his presence might further divide the community. However, he decided to visit anyway. Jacob Blake’s family decided to throw a block party and a rally in response to his visit.

Blake’s family emphasized that the block party was about strengthening the community and bringing the community together despite Trump’s visit. Trump even said he did not plan on even going to visit Blake’s family.


“Members of our community of all races and backgrounds have come together in an extraordinary show of resilience and compassion, and that is what we will continue to do on Tuesday,” Tanya Mclean, a family friend who helped organize the event said.

“We don’t need more pain and division from a president set on advancing his campaign at the expense of our city,” Blake’s uncle Justin Blake added. “We need justice and relief for our community.”

The block party included free food, a community clean up, and healing circles. In addition, voter registration booths were included and placed near where Blake was shot in the back by police officers.

We want indictment immediately. It shouldn’t take this long. Our family is pressing for indictment, and we’re not leaving the Kenosha area until we get it,” Justin Blake said.

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