Though is widely recognized as a ble superstar, it's easy to forget that the man quite simply moves units as a genuine commercial juggernaut. We've already seen him pioneer the whole platinum without features movement, a process he has continued to follow long into his career. Last year, he blessed the game with "Middle Child," a triumphant victory lap that went on to find a home on the acclaimed Revenge Of The Dreamers 3. 

J. Cole's "Middle Child" Goes 5x Platinum

 Tabatha Fireman/Getty s

Since its initial release, the track retained a steady pulse, continuing to prove its replay value to this day. Now, Cole's most recent solo single has been ficially certified five times platinum by the RIAA, a milestone celebrated by Dreamville's ficial Instagram page. Never one to brag or boast, Cole himself opted to let the music speak for itself  Clearly, there's a method to his movement, one built on a foundation humility and artistic integrity.

It doesn't hurt to have an incredible beat from in the cut, one that went on to influence 's own "Hot" f So Much Fun, an album Cole actually executive produced. Expect big things to come from Cole in 2020, once all this dust settles. and Cole has never been known to bend the truth.