Issa Rae continues to root for everyone Black and tell their stories. The Insecure creator joined forces with David Heyman to produce a film adaptation of Tanya Smith’s upcoming memoir, The Ghost in the Machine.

Deadline gave a breakdown of Smith’s interesting story.

The memoir tells Smith’s unbelievable story— of how a middle-class Black girl from the North Side of Minneapolis would, in the words of the FBI, “become one of the single biggest threats to the entire United States banking system.” The film will follow her extraordinary story of creating a sophisticated wire fraud scheme and outwitting the FBI and prosecutors, who underestimated her intelligence for years, before her life ultimately fell apart, leading to two prison escapes and finally serving 13 years of a 24-year sentence – at the time, the longest sentence handed down to any white-collar criminal.

The book doesn’t come out until 2021 and is already being adapted into a movie. That’s how you know the story is good and different Black stories are worth sharing and celebrating.

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