Just a couple weeks after   to an unnamed individual telling them that she's not giving up despite their attempts to sabotage her career, she's now encountered an unfortunate issue. The "Sally Walker" music maker has taken to Twitter to reveal that her hard drive crashed and the contents cannot be recovered. 

Iggy Azalea Forced To Re-record Vocals After Hard Drive Crash: "It Was Unrecoverable"
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"My hard drive crashed last week. it was unrecoverable. I used a dif engineer for a few sessions and only saved that work to my drive so not everything was double backed up. I didn’t lose full songs. I’m hoping] to be done ficially on Friday," she shared with her fans.

In an anohter tweet, Iggy let it be known that she didn't lose songs, just some updated vocals that will need to be recorded again. 

While it's a very unfortunate and time-consuming event to happen, Iggy has  that she will never give up no matter what gets thrown her way.

"One thing ya gotta know about me is you can try to stomp out my fire but I’m always gonna keep popping back up. I literally will NEVER give up. Never have. NEVER will. EVEEREERRRRR. X 1000000."