Since everyone is stuck at home right now and possibly not working (), nor in school, that must mean that there's a whole lot waking and baking happening around the world. It's simple math. Or something. whether it's smoking, using CBD, or meditating, today seemed like the perfect occasion to spread some playlist love with our smoke-approved Wake & Bake playlist. We think it'll work well for any mellow, stress-relieving situations, though.

Yesterday we had our twitter followers suggest new songs to add to the playlist, resulting in a fresh update. We received so many great suggestions, maybe we'll crowdsource playlist suggestions from you guys more ten. The Wake & Bake playlist is littered with music from , , , , , , and the list goes on. Whether it's a song that blatantly about smoking, or a song that creates a vibe for you post-smoke, we've got it.

Let us know if there any other songs we should add, and hit the follow button on the Spotify playlist below. We also have our FIRE EMOJIOn the Come Up and R&B SEASON playlists on Spotify, among others.