Just the other day, tens thousands fans go head-to-head in a friendly producer battle. The two veteran entertainers shared a screen as they went back and forth, playing some their most beloved hits by top-charting, award-winning artists. On Friday, it was f their heat to the world.

As this moment, the battle is still going on, but there have already been a few noteworthy bits that floored rap fans. Both famed producers pulled f big moves when they each previewed new tracks. captured attention after sharing a clip from an unreleased song with and . It was an instant hit.

Meanwhile, wasn't going down without a fight, so he pulled out a track with and . Everyone went wild to know that there's a new Neighborhood Nip song that has yet to be released, but who knows if it will actually see the light day on streaming networks. Meanwhile, fans are weighing in—heavily—on which revelation was harder, so take a listen and let us know your opinions below.