Over the weekend, Little celebrated his 5th birthday, eliciting public congratulatory messages from his parents, and Future—and his stepfather Russell Wilson. The NFL star wrote a loving message about the five-year-old as he shared a photo the two go-kart racing, and Future shouted out his love and shared an image his son  he bought for him with a caption that quoted 's "Dreams and Nightmares."

Future's expensive gift to his young son made the rapper the target social media criticism, but the "Where Ya At" artist is used to it. Recently he's made headlines following the birth his alleged sixth child by . If she proves that her child is the rapper's daughter, that will make the baby girl his sixth child with a sixth mother. As it's been an intense few weeks with his name in the headlines, Future fired f a series tweets questioning those who constantly share all their personal lives with the public, saying they might as well work for the blogs instead giving up the information for free.

"How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media??" he wrote. "These blogs should put y’all on payroll. Working for free all day is slavery.  for free charge if u really want to make a difference.. keep them bad vibes to yourself. If I’m happy I kno u could b happy too. Love yourself 1st and be able to live with every decision u make with no excuses." This could just be a general statement for anyone who attempts to keep themselves relevant or it could a subliminal tweet a certain someone.