Freddie Gibbs Admits To Having a Finsta to Troll Other Rappers

Freddie Gibbs Admits To Having a Finsta to Troll Other Rappers

Freddie Gibbs’ propensity for social media antics is no foreign notion and in a recent interview with GQ, the rapper went into detail about his tactics among other topics. In an interesting turn of events, it turns out that the emcee makes use of a burner account on social media to talk more smack than he already does on his front-facing profiles.

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“I’ve been doing songs with those n-ggas lately, so I’ve been taking notes,” Gibbs told the publication. “You’re never too old to learn. N-ggas become irrelevant because they stop learning and being sponges to the game. I eat, sleep, and breathe this shit, every day. I’m looking at what everybody’s doing. I’m getting on fake Instagram pages leaving comments like, ‘That shit is wack.’ I’m doing all kinds of bullshit, taunting people.”

While interesting, the revelation isn’t too surprising because Gibbs was banned from the platform for a few months. Back in February, he discussed the ban while speaking with Desus & Mero.


“They kicked me off the muthafuckin’ ‘Gram,” he said. “They said I’m an excessive bully, they said I put too much nudity and sexual behavior, but really they say I’m bullying niggas, that’s what I get flagged for everyday. So I’m like, ‘Who the fuck am I bullying?’”

His account has since been reactivated on Instagram, leaving plenty of room for more of his taunting ways.