Find Your Dashboard Confessional Theme Song with This Quiz

Sensitive strummer Chris Carrabba has been releasing emotional earworms Dashboard Confessional since Y2K and, in doing so, has covered the breadth relationships — from a broken heart to one bursting with joy. All which is to say they have the perfect theme song no matter where you're at in life.

So we came up with this clairvoyant quiz to help you determine if you're more "Swiss Army Romance," "Vindicated" or "We Fight." 

Speaking that last-mentioned song, Dashboard Confessional's new album Crooked Shadows is out on Friday (February 9)  Dine Alone Records, so check that out after you do the quiz but before you go see them on their cross-Canada tour, so you can sing along, course. The Elwins and Gabrielle Shonk are supporting for the run from February 21 until March 13, beginning in Vancouver and ending in Oshawa, ON.

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