Longtime friends and have seen each other through thick and thin. The collaborated before Remy went to jail for six years and once she was released, they linked up once again for their Now that Remy has caught a case for allegedly assaulting her Love & Hip Hop New York co-star Brittney Taylor, Joe has publicly defended his friend and her character,  happened.

Taylor asserts that Remy punched her in the face, without provocation, at the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza earlier this year. The rapper's lawyer called the allegations untruthful, and when Baller Alert caught up with Joe at the CC Sabathia Celebrity Stball Game recently, he echoed that sentiment. When asked about the effect L&HH has on Remy's personal life, Joe said, “It’s been great for Remy because Remy been so positive, she ain’t been getting in no fights. Nothing like that. She’s a model citizen."

On Taylor's accusations, Joe stated, “I don’t believe the allegations for one second. Actually, I was there...It never happened, I was actually there, but when you have a reputation and a past, it follows you and America always seems to never be able to forgive and forget and give second chances. Remy, she’s totally innocent.”

Earlier this month, Joe shared an Instagram photo himself, Remy, and as he visited with their daughter, "The Golden Child."  "There were maybe thirty to forty Cops at the Cancer Charity Event not one saw ANY altercation. In a world everything is on CAMERA there’s no footage any incident hmmmmmmmmmmm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware the CLOUT CHASE my sister will be just fine THIS TOO SHALL PASS."