Exclusive Interview With Rapper & Business Mogul Biggie Babylon

Exclusive Interview With Rapper & Business Mogul Biggie Babylon

San Diego-based award-winning artist and entrepreneur Biggie Babylon has definitely made some noise in the industry. We had the rare opportunity to talk to the rapper and discuss his latest drop and music video, “All In.”

The artist shimmering in the spotlight has performed worldwide, from Paris to Dubai and Mexico. Read more to get an insight into his unique creativity and upcoming projects.

You have dropped your new track, “All In,” during a worldwide pandemic. Can you tell us how you kept inspired to do so?

It’s crazy to think about it because the song almost never happened.  In 2019 and into 2020, I had some real momentum building while creating a nationwide buzz with my music until, out of nowhere, the pandemic hit.  Not knowing how long the world would be locked down for was a depressing time.  I didn’t even want to listen to music anymore, let alone create it. I told myself I was done and I was talking with my producer and friend Thom Genius about my thoughts and he was totally against it.  He reminded me of how far I had come in my career and how close I was to really breaking as an artist. Thom played me some beats that he made during the lockdown and I instantly fell in love with one and I felt inspired again for the first time in months. We wrote and recorded “All In”  that same night.

How has performing in places like Dubai and Paris changed your rap career?

I have always loved to travel so when the opportunity presented itself to perform outside of the USA, I immediately jumped on it.  It’s an incredible feeling to perform on stage in front of a majority of people who have never heard of you and watch them engage with you and your music.  Usually the fans in the audience are pretty shocked when I walk onto the stage because I am a 6’2” 350 pounds Middle Eastern dude who doesn’t look like the typical rapper. But I always perform confidently,  with high energy, and give it my all whenever I am on stage. I love to watch the fans gradually engage with me more and more and by the end of my set, I can always tell that I have made some new life long fans! It’s also super dope to take pictures, sign autographs, and connect on social media with people who sometimes don’t even speak the same language as you.  Now my goal in life is to be able to get paid to take my family around the world and get paid to do what I do on stage!  

What message were you trying to give with your music video for “All In”?

The main message is that you don’t need to worry about anyone else who is trying to bring you down.  Just keep doing what you do and keep elevating every change you can.  But in order to do that, you definitely need to give it everything you have and go “All In.”

How do you juggle being an entrepreneur and an entertainer?

For me, it is natural because I grew up as an entrepreneur and developed into an entertainer.  I also realize that the entertainment business is a business so I maneuver accordingly.  For many years though, it was more difficult because I couldn’t give 100% effort into entertainment alone.  I had to focus on making enough money to not only support myself but also make enough to be able to invest in my music career and compete with the major label artists.  Not one person has ever put any money into my development as an artist so now that it is starting to pay off, I get to reap all the rewards! 

Can you drop a few names that have pushed you to become the artist you are today?

I grew up with hip hop and was inspired by the business people in music like Suge Knight, Puff Daddy, Russel Simmons, Master P, and DJ Khaled. Now the only people pushing me to be the artist that I am today are my daughters Gianna and Goldie.  I am doing everything for them!  

Can you say that your taste in music and production has shifted in the past few years? Why?

I started out rapping in 2013 and made an album called “C.E.O.G.”  about my life and businesses.  I was a young and successful Chaldean entrepreneur living in San Diego and enjoying the party scene, making money, and having fun with crazy girls. My next album was a collaboration with Josh Franks and we made #HipHopNdance which featured both a hip hop sound mixed with an EDM sound because at the time we were just having fun in the club scene and making music for the clubs around the world.  Later I got back into the cannabis business and I made a trap-sounding album called “The Greenprint” which described my life in the industry.  My newest project is going to be called “Coronado California” and it’s about my life today and how I want it to be in the future.  I’m not in the clubs partying like I used to.  I am more of a family man/businessman who likes to travel to exotic destinations, enjoy the finer things in life, still have fun, and at the same time motivate people to follow their dreams. I don’t really have a word to explain what genre of music that is but I know it’s dope and people are loving it!

Should we expect any new releases from you soon?

I am planning to drop my follow-up single to “All In” called “Bulletproof Love” in July 2021 and we are already working on the treatments for the music video for it!  My 4th album titled “Coronado California” is set to release in August of 2021 and I plan to shoot more videos, drop a lot of content, and hit the road for some shows as the world slowly opens up again after this pandemic.