Due to the Coronavirus, the sports world has been completely put on pause and it has led to a pretty sad state affairs. We have no more live events to watch and sports fans are starting to get restless. It looks like the NBA won’t come back until July or August which is bad news if you have a vested interest in who ends up winning the championship. 

ESPN is looking to help those who are having sports withdrawals. Back in December, . This 10-part docuseries was supposed to drop in June but because the lack sports on TV, ESPN is planning on airing the first episode on April 19th. This means fans would get to see the doc two months early and it would certainly provide us with some much-needed entertainment during these uncertain times.

This documentary promises to give fans some insight into that 98′ Bulls team and how they struggled to stay together at times. That season, the Bulls won their sixth championship and the players were starting to get fed up with each other. This series will document all those trials and tribulations while also providing additional interviews with some the key figures.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see everything this documentary has to fer.