Doris Burke is one the most beloved people in all sports media. The NBA sideline reporter continues to be a major part ESPN's basketball broadcasts and has . If there is anyone you like to see win in the media, it would most definitely be Doris Burke, who is not just a pressional but a trailblazer as well. Unfortunately for Burke, she has been going through a bit a health struggle as late and it just so happens to be related to the Coronavirus.

While speaking on Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast, Burke revealed that she recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is on the mend. Throughout the podcast, Burke spoke about what it was like being tested in the hospital and what her symptoms have been like.

Burke is hoping to educate people about the dangers Coronavirus and how this is something to be taken seriously. Many haven't been obeying social distancing and it has led to a huge increase in cases . Hopefully, this pandemic will soon start to taper f in the coming weeks as the effects social distancing become visible.

Meanwhile, commenters were quick to fer well-wishes for Burke who continues to be loved in the basketball community.