We’re almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s not slowing down any bags for Erica Banks. Her breakthrough single “Buss It” is taking over social media, and the song’s success earned her a major record deal with Warner Music.

In our virtual interview she admitted that she thought her record “Toot That” was going to be a fan-favorite “because it’s more upbeat,” but she’s grateful for the love.

The Dallas native was able to carve a lane for herself with her infectious, club bangers and strong voice. She credits her 1501 Records team for “putting Erica Banks on a big scale.”


Female MCs were conspicuously absent in the early 2000s, and Nicki Minaj filled the void for a decade. The Dallas native joins the growing list of Southern female rappers to make waves in Hip Hop.

Banks credits Nicki and Missy Elliott as her musical influences and said she hopes to one day get a collaboration with the New York rapper.

In the Q&A below, Erica spoke about her upcoming collab with fellow Dallas native, Yella Beezy, future plans for her brand, and a possible collaboration with her label mate, Megan Thee Stallion.

(This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.)

Congratulations on signing with Warner Bros. What are some things your fans can expect from you now that you have that major label push?

The same things just on a bigger scale. New music. Bigger production videos. Maybe some remixes from your favorite artist. I have a great team, 1501. Great team, great family. We’re just trying to continue putting Erica Banks on a big scale.

“Buss It” came a long way. And before it took over Tik Tok, you mentioned someone who went viral for claiming they didn’t like the song then doing the challenge. Are you surprised that out of all the songs on your self-titled project, that’s the one people gravitated to?

I’m very surprised that it’s “Buss It.” I personally expected it to be “Toot That” just because it’s more upbeat and clublike but if people gravitate more towards “Buss It” then that’s great. I ain’t complaining. I love to see it happening.

Who had your favorite #BussItChallenge?

It’s so many people but I’m just going to pick two: Monica and Tracee Ellis Ross had my favorite ones.

The beauty about samples is that it introduces songs that we loved as kids to a new generation. Did you get a chance to connect with Nelly after “Buss It” went viral?

I haven’t had a chance to actually talk to him but he did hit me with a follow on Instagram the other day followed by posting his girlfriend doing the #BussItChallenge which was dope. So he has tapped in to let me know that he sees me which is great.

I saw the Internet doing the Internet thing after you posted a picture with Yella Beezy. I know you guys are both from Dallas. Did you know each other prior? 

We met in the industry. Kind of how I met Beat King. We met on the Internet and he’s also very cool with Top Off. Top Off is a team I was involved with locally while I was coming up as Erica Banks. I met him in Dallas while I was doing my thing coming up, but for the most part we initially met on social media. 

Can fans expect a collab?

We actually just shot a music video for a single he has coming out with me this month.

The elephant in the room is your relationship with your labelmate Megan Thee Stallion. I already saw you unfollowed her and if you’d like to get into that, you can. But I want to know if the fans can see a possible collab from you two in the future?

We never know what the future may hold. It’s in God’s hands.

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