Usually, when it comes to the chemistry of two artists on a song, you can tell right away if it’s present or not. The musical chemistry between new Quality Control signee, Bankroll Freddie and independent artist Ed Dolo is truly undeniable. If you did not know, you will after hearing their new track “Hot” released at the end of June 2020.

Needless to say, the modern-day rap game’s Jordan and Pippen, have another hit together. Bankroll Freddie and Ed Dolo are the raw and uncut definition of what Hip-hop represents with sounds featuring strong Southern influences, ranging from Memphis to Texas.



Who would have known such strong passion and lyrics would come out of the small town of Helena, Arkansas? The way the two came together on a track was truly effortless.


After Ed Dolo and Bankroll announced their new and upcoming collaboration “Hot,” they immediately saw hundreds of comments requesting the blazing street anthem. Dolo is currently working on his upcoming fourth quarter project delivering his stamp on the natural state and a clear message to the labels. 

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