Logging onto Instagram this morning, fans were ecstatic to see that the world-renowned rapper had shared the  on social media. Never before has the superstar posted pictures with his baby boy and this is the first look that fans have ever gotten the 2-year-old.

With blonde curly hair and blue eyes, Adonis Graham bears a slight resemblance to his father, but it makes sense that Drake wasn't initially sure that the child was his. However, when compared to pictures Drake's mother, it's pretty clear that Adonis ended up taking more from his grandmother than his father.

Everybody is happy to see that Drake finally feels comfortable enough to share his son with the world, penning a sweet message to him in the post. 

Despite all the positive comments about the little one, some people are making comments about Adonis' skin, which is on the lighter side. Some critics have even suggested that the 2-year-old is "albino." Drake previously said that he was hiding the world from his son, and this is surely a part that. He had to have known that people would react in a disrespectful manner.

Nevertheless, enjoy the adorable photos Drake and his son above and check out some the most heart-warming reactions below.