is one hip-hop's most celebrated legends and has been supported through thick and thin. , fans have been hoping for some new music although information has been sparse. Luckily, X gave us some much-needed hope during the quarantine today. The legendary rapper hopped on Instagram live with none other than who was hosting his new daily show, Quarantine Radio.

During the IG live session, Tory tried to get some information out DMX. Seemingly out nowhere, X admitted that an album is, indeed, on the way. Unfortunately, he refused to give us a verse or a snippet as he wants to keep everything 100 percent secretive. Tory desperately attempted to get a snipped but it simply wasn't going to happen. 

It remains to be seen when this project is going to come out although if one thing is for sure, it's that X wants to take his time with it so he delivers something special to all the fans out there. In this moment hardship, we could all use some new music and X's album would certainly be a welcomed piece entertainment.

As for Tory, well, with some twerk contestants over the next few days.