The rollout to this album is so unlike anything has ever done and we have to say we're impressed. With two days left until we get to hear a project that's inevitably full smash hits for the summer, not one them has been released as a single. Instead teasing us with previews and snippets, the mega-producer is letting fans go into this with their eyes closed, not knowing what they can expect. For weeks, Khaled has been slowly unravelling his list features, . Aside from that, not much is known about the album. Today, Khaled showed f his ficial album art, which contains an image his son, as he continues to tease the arrival the body work.

DJ Khaled Unveils Official "Father Of Asahd" Album Cover

As you would likely expect, the album cover shows a photo DJ Khaled and his son, Asahd, bonding together in matching outfits. There's a jungle theme apparent as well, meaning this will likely flow well into the summer. Whenever Khaled releases new music, you know there's a high chance it will be received well in the warmer months, getting plenty play on pop radio. We're anticipating Of Asahd to be much like his previous efforts but considering there is no ficial single yet, the intrigue is absolutely intact. Will you be tuning in on Friday?