Authorities are currently investigating the death of DJ Morillo, most popular in Miami Florida. He is most known for his 1990s banger, “I Like to Move It.”

Miami police report there was no evidence that suggests foul play once checking the residence of DJ Morillo. A cause of death has not yet been discovered, Miami authorities choose to wait for the medical examiner’s findings.

Weeks ago, DJ Morilla was accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a local DJ, in which he was arrested by Miami-Dade police. Morilla was shortly released on a $25K bond.


The situation took place in December of 2019 when Morillo and the local DJ mixed a party together. The woman told Miami police that she went to Morillo’s house following the event and was intoxicated. She then mentioned that she rejected some of Morillo’s sexual advances but woke up the next morning without her clothes on, with a naked Morillo standing next to her.

After calling the police, she was taken to a treatment center for rape victims in which they provided her with a rape kit. Morillo continued to tell the police that he did not have sex with the woman and offered a DNA sample.

Test results came back, proving that Morillo’s DNA test matched the woman’s rape kit. Morillo was arrested and was set to appear in court, due to his untimely death, that won’t happen.

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