Chris Rock and Naomi Campbell were chatting about her previous fling Mike Tyson on her YouTube channel on Tuesday. She talked about hanging out with the comedian and her former bae in the East Village years ago.

The conversation between Naomi and Chris starts at 2:29 minute mark in the video below. About five minutes into the conversation, they start talking about the boxer.

“I think Mike pushed you out of a moving car one night … I think you gave somebody your number and he lost his head,” Rock said.


Naomi then responded back saying, “You sure it wasn’t me that pushed him? That’s if I even got in the car with him … It’s a good thing we’re all grown-ups today and we’re family … It’s nice to see him blossom.”

She also stated, “Those were fun times in New York … can never go back to those.”

Chris remembers the time where he first met the model in a café shop in Union Square before she blew up. “We were lusting for you. You were a supermodel to us, even then,” he said.

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