It’s been a tough ride for DaniLeigh as of lately. The singer has been facing a lot of backlash, especially after she uploaded a clip of her song “Yellow Bone” on Instagram, rowling up more controversy than she imagined. Since her split with DaBaby, day by day it seems the Easy singer has been defending her name, this time calling out The Shaderoom for their recent coverage on her moves.

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“F*ck @TheShadeRoom,” DaniLeigh wrote on Twitter. “@theshaderoom is a evil ass f*cking platform I blocked em months ago and they still wanna post me every f*ckin day. I’m getting my attorney on this sh*t ! Imagine that I was a depressed Lil girl that was effected by this internet sh*t y’all would be posting my ‘RIP’ POST F*CK YALL DEAD ASS.”

The singer also shared her DM’s with The Shade Room where she asks the major media platform to no longer post her. “Stop posting me deadass,” one of the DMs say.


“Yall always wanna post sh*t thats gone be viral knowing what people gon say, she continued.

“And u dont even be posting the truth.”

The singer also found herself defending her ethnicity as people accused her of trying to be black.

“Well everyone is calling me a white girl and I ain’t no f*cking white girl … I’m Dominican… with a whole bunch of sh*t in me .. I write songs how I speak. I’m also a human being. So but whatever y’all don’t care. Y’all hate me lol,” DaniLeigh tweeted.

After sharing a picture of her parents with social media, fans still questioned the validity of DaniLeigh’s claims. One fan stated that the singer’s parents were “clearly white.”

“But your parents are clearly white girl … stop trying to be black so badly,” a fan tweeted.

“They are light skin. My mom is thick af with curly hair that she straightens… my dad is darker than me .. tf ???? I got cousins that look jus like u!! Dominicans are black also. Jus leave it alone bro I ain’t no f*cking white girl,” she responded.

Shortly after her rant, the singer tweeted that she would be getting “back to this music.” What music do you expect to hear from DaniLeigh in 2021?

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