A Variety Magazine report says that NC -based rapper DaBaby is being sued by a rental homeowner who says that the “Rockstar” emcee assaulted him at his Runyon Canyon, California home back in December.

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Gary Pagar filed the suit against DaBaby on Monday, alleging that he punched him in the mouth for attempting to stop the filming of a music video on his property after the terms of the leasing agreement were violated.

Pagar claims that DaBaby agreed to only have 12 people in his home in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, but Pagar says that DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, had at least 40 people in the residence. Pagar said that when he attempted to shut down the commercial use of his property, he was struck by an unknown person.


Pagar claims that Kirk exited his vehicle after he was knocked down and chased back into the residence, warning him not to call the authorities. he then claims that DaBaby left the property with his phone after the police were notified.

Pagar also claimed that the rapper didn’t pay the full leasing price, left the house with thousands of dollars in damages, and destroyed a security camera that was installed in the home.

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