Cyrus Dobre comes through with his latest track, “Bye Bye.”

On the song, Dobre takes inspiration from N’Sync’s classic hit, of a near-similar title. “Bye Bye” is a catchy tune, where the LA-based artist wants to encourage listeners to forgo their problems. Instead, channel that focused-energy into what truly makes them happy.

“You decide your future,” says Dobre on IG. “say bye bye to negativity and things holding you back from being the best version of yourself. love yourself. life’s good and stay positive.. I love and appreciate you all God is good and thank you.”


Cyrus taps the N’Sync’s classic No Strings Attached cover art as well.

Dobre grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with his three younger brothers. After graduating from college, the 27 year-old artist and influencer joined his brother in creating viral content on Vine, Youtube, Instagram and more under the Dobre brothers. Now the four brothers have amassed a following of over 9 million subscribers on Youtube.

Although the LA-based artist recently made his transition to release music as a solo artist, it is something that he has had a passion for since a young age.

Check out “Bye Bye” below and look out for the lyric video tonight (Oct. 2nd). Dobre looks to drop the official music video on Friday, Oct. 23rd.

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