With a new baby in the house, everyone in the family is putting in work. It’s no secret that newborns require round the clock care, and it looks like the Brown house needs are being met. has been sharing photos his son with the world as the new father soaks in having yet another child in the household. He gave fans a glimpse at Aeko when his little one was just born, and since that time, he’s allowed the world to share in his joy.

Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Is On Diaper Duty With Little Brother Aeko
Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty s

C. Breezy Royalty is the queen, but that doesn’t mean that she’s above diaper duty. The singer shared a photo Aeko on the changing table with the caption, “BIG SIS CHANGING DIAPERS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Aeko adorably looks at the camera as Royalty is attentive to her little brother. 

The birth Aeko has prompted Brown to share a childhood pic himself with his mother. “NATIVE MOMMA’s BOY,” he wrote. It’ll be a few years before we see if Aeko mirrors his papa in his father’s younger days, . Check out a few family photos Chris has shared on his Instagram below.