There's another sibling to add to the family for and Nia Guzman. Over the last few months, there were rumors that Guzman was pregnant, but that wasn't confirmed or denied. That is until she shared a photo her index finger being gripped by a tiny, newborn baby's hand. "S.LAπŸ’•πŸ€žπŸ½," she wrote as the mysterious caption. Her famous friends gave their congratulatory comments, including , Emily B, and .

While Brown and Guzman are happily co-parenting their daughter Royalty Brown, it doesn't seem that the singer is the father this little one. These two battled it out in court over child support payments and  but they've been able to have an amicable relationship for the sake their daughter. According to reports, Brown may be welcoming another child his own with  as rumors have been swirling since she shared video footage her recent birthday party.

There's no word on who the father may be and it doesn't look like Guzman is telling anytime soon. This little one is Guzman's third child as she has a daughter who just recently graduated from high school along with Royalty, who is five-years-old.