You heard it here first, Chris Brown and Drake’s “No Guidance” still rings off. The two collaborated on that single and also came back together for Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes, but could it be more on the way?

This past Friday, Breezy joined Joeprah, best known as Fat Joe, on his Instagram Live show and asked would Breezy and Drizzy reunite for a collaboration album. Brown confirms that it will happen.

“Don’t say that. Was that ‘yeah’? Was that ‘yes?’ Joe asked. “Don’t kill me … That shit gon’ kill everything.”

With some songs already in the tuck, Chris Brown doubled down and made sure fans know that it is a true possibility.

“We got some songs. We definitely got some songs. There’s definitely gon’ be something that we’re working on that’s gon’ be crazy,’ Brown added.

Would you like to see it? Hear the conversation below.

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