Roughly a week has passed since Guapdad 4000 launched his ongoing “Rona Raps” series with , and today’s latest episode finds the Scamboy connecting with for a new batch quarantine bars. Though you might think the subject matter would be tiresome by now, the fact that we’re all in this together injects the verses with a feeling camaraderie; after all, what does misery love if not company?

Chris Brown & Guapdad 4000 Body Quarantine Freestyle

Tasia Wells/Getty s

Taking to the ‘s classic “Vivrant Thing” instrumental, Guapdad sets it f with some heat. “They said how’d you get corona boy, well shit is different,” he spits. “I heard she was easy and pussy was killin n***as / I met her on the flight after a tour when I was leavin / I touched her, she came on me then I had trouble breathing.” The schemes continue as he wraps up, reflecting on how “the industry like acne, your face get mushed / the whiteheads pop easy, the blackheads need a push.” 

Next up is Chris Brown in full Fallout 4 attire, foregoing his usual sung delivery to remind the masses how he gets down. “This damn virus got me stuck home,” he raps. “Hopin that me and my family get the fuck on / when it’s over, ladies I’m trying to get my fuck on / spraying the disinfectant like it’s cologne.” The onslaught continues as he finds a new pocket — “My girl a Fashionova freak, well I guess I’m fashion overload / got a long stick in the drum like I’m Pinocchio / coronavirus try to hit me? I do the rope-a-dope.” 

Check out episode 2 “Rona Raps” below, and sound f — who are you trying to see hop on Guapdad’s next episode?