Joe Exotic is winning over the hearts Netflix users ever since Tiger King launched, especially some the biggest celebrities. Cardi hit Twitter over the weekend after watching the docuseries to call out Carole Baskins and champion Joe Exotic. "Bout to start a gundme account for Joe .He shall be free," she tweeted before adding, "I Stan him...Leave me alone."

Her plans to launch a GoFundMe account for him have been shut down, though. A GoFundMe rep confirmed to TMZ that, per their terms and agreements, they do not allow their platform to be used to raise funds for inmates convicted violent crimes. Exotic was ultimately convicted for animal-related crimes as well as a murder-for-hire plot to murder the Tiger King antagonist, Carole Baskins.

Apparently, a page was actually launched under Cardi B's name and raised $100. GoFundMe has since pulled the fundraising page and refunded the money to the donor(s).

Though the GoFundMe page may have been shut down, Joe Exotic has filed a near $100M lawsuit against the federal government alleging that he's a victim discrimination and was falsely arrested and imprisoned. We'll keep you updated on any more developments surrounding his case.