It's common knowledge that . After her wildly-successful debut, Invasion Privacy, everyone is waiting on her next move and wondering which direction her music will take. She has provided us with some hints so far about what to expect. , she described her forthcoming project as "spicy" and "controversial." The "controversial" aspect might stem from her ignoring musical trends and pursuing her own vision, despite the pressures being a mainstream artist. , she said, "I cannot just go with what's hot. I still gotta go with what I want to do."

While Cardi keeps referencing new music, the information she has provided us with has been rather vague. One her fans had enough with living in the unknown so she implored Cardi on Twitter to "spill some tea on the single." Surprisingly, Cardi conceded. She shared a mere three-second snippet the song, but it featured the glorious producer tag, " Outta Here!" Wheezy is predominantly admired for his work with and . However, this will be his first time collaborating with Cardi and we're excited to see how it will turn out.