Cardi B represents with American public as we await the results of the 2020 election. 

Americans across the nation continue to await the results of the the presidential race. While most of us stayed awake past our usually bedtimes, it was to no avail. The campaign to exercise one’s right to vote was echoed by influential figures, celebrities, athletes and more throughout the entire year. Based on the pre-election day results, it turned out to be record numbers for voter turnout.



Cardi B has continued to use her platform to both inform and vocalize her opinion on a number of issues. The Grammy Award winning rapper even spoke with Vice President Biden back in July in a feature in ELLE Magazine. Like many of us last night, (Nov. 3) Cardi B was glued to her tv, phones and other devices to stay abreast about the election results. The stress from the nail-biting even caused the “WAP” rapper to pull out 3 cigarettes and take a pull or 2. It is safe to say that she speaks for a lot of Americans who are watching the results. 


While it is a close race, we can say that we did our part by voting. Now we must hold the political officers accountable to ensure and enforce policies that positively affect our lives. Hopefully, we know the results by the end of today. And we can know the Biden and Harris administration are the ones that we hold to that standard.

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