A few days removed from and squaring f in an , Boi-1da and are gearing up for a bonafide battle the beats this very evening. In other words, it's Boi vs. Boy and only one will prevail.

Put together by Timbaland and Swizzy for the shared benefit hip-hop culture, the incendiary event has already caught the eye many prominent hip-hop names -- some whom might have even tossed a couple dollars on their chosen competitor. "I’ve heard about bets from 100$ to 10,000$ So Far. Who Tuning in?" asks Hit-Boy, who would likely bet on himself in this situation. After all, he's packing a catalog that includes The Throne's "N***as In Paris," 's "Backseat Freestyle," A$AP Rocky's "Goldie," and many more.

Yet the North has never been known to shy away from a fight. Taking to Instagram for the proverbial weigh-in, Toronto's Boi-1da slid through with some words for his opponent. Considering his ridiculous catalog bangers, including but not exclusive to 's "God's Plan," 's "Seduction," and Kendrick Lamar's "Blacker The Berry," the Canadian appears to be a formidable contender.

It's honestly difficult to foresee a decisive victory from either party, but one thing is clear -- this will be a duel for the ages. Will you be tuning in?