Back in March, Blacc Zacc dropped his album, Carolina Narco. Each song gives the listener a visual depiction of Zacc’s thought process when recording. The song features banjos and instruments that could potentially serve as an instrumental soundtrack to the Netflix’s series, “Narcos.” Zacc thanks “Old Town Road” producer Young Kio for that inspiration.

“I was in the studio recording and the producer Young Kio came in and played the song that put me in a vibe of a Narco” says the 803 rapper.

The first song for the album derived from that beat. From there Zacc created the title track and named his entire album Carolina Narco. The album features Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo and his SCMG label-mates DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas. Blacc Zacc dropped a short film to support the album as well.


With his latest project 803 Legend, Blacc Zacc signifies growth while paying homage to his hometown of Columbia, SC.

“As you grow and get older, there are a lot of things that stop doing,” says the “Tennis” rapper. “When I started doing music I used to run around deep. Now it’s just me and 3 of my partners.”

The elevation as both a person and lyricist echoes throughout 803 Legend. In the intro, he addresses his attachment to his former lifestyle but understands his current opportunity as a rapper despite what his haters say.

On tracks like “Broke My Heart,” he speaks on the betrayal of close associates that lead to a disbanding of friendships. Each song demonstrates a level of growth and maturity. By the outro track “Living Legend,” you can tell why Blacc Zacc is indeed the richest rapper hailing from South Carolina.

“You pop in that 803 Legend and you’re gonna inspired,” he says. You could be riding around in a 2004 Pontiac, but you gonna feel like you’re in a 2020 Maybach.”

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