In case you missed it, Blac Chyna was said to have pulled a knife on her hairdresser in a disagreement over "monies owed." Suffice to say, there's reason to believe Chyna's didn't provoke the altercation from her fixed position in the chair. The following  sheds some light on the initial point contact: a soda can landing on her Rolls-Royce with malicious intent.

Not only is Blac Chyna maintaining her innocence to the press; she's also preparing a lawsuit to back her claims and to cover the "insurable damages" to her car, etc. Chyna told TMZ that her (former) hairstylist   in her attempts to present a forged police report to the Associated Press.

Blac Chyna Says Hairdresser "Pulled A Jussie Smollett", Will File Lawsuit Over Attack

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty s

Regardless who's to blame for the attack, Chyna did suffer damages to her property: the outer layer her dwelling (a dislodged window ledge) as well as minor imperfections to her Rolls-Royce. In her defense, there's no evidence pointing to a knife, let alone a Swiss Army dagger getting pulled into action. Check the footage, if you must.

The plan is for Chyna's legal team to get an estimate on the damages, for which she's believed to have already scheduled an appointment with her insurance broker. It appears as though she came upon a decisive course action after spending oodles time with in NYC.