It's important for us all to be listening to what the government tells us about COVID-19. Our actions can directly affect how long we stay in quarantine for, and not many us are enjoying this self-isolation, so let's actually make an effort.

Bebe Rexha is telling all her fans how important it is to stay inside and practice social distancing right now, but she's not just doing so with a boring-ass text post on her Instagram story. Oh no. She's doing it by stripping down to her birthday suit and covering up with the reasons why she's staying home.

Bebe Rexha Poses Nude To Promote Stay-At-Home Movement
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"Yes I was naked. Now that I have your attention please keep your booty at home," wrote the pop star on a photo herself fully nude, holding up a piece paper explaining why she's self-quarantining.

"#IStayHome for my grandma, my friends, my family, my fans," wrote the singer. She was nominated to participate in the challenge by and Anne Marie, but they didn't say anything about taking her clothes f. She knows what gets people talking though, and she decided to test out her theory.

Bebe Rexha has nominated , as well as a few others, to reveal the reasons why they're taking this pandemic seriously.

Stay safe, everybody. Wash your hands and, for the love God, stay home.