Dreamville Studios and Awfully Nice Productions have combined to create a new documentary podcast, The Messenger, which highlights prolific Ugandan musician-turned activist, Bobi Wine. the podcast is available exclusively on Spotify.

The new podcast details Wine’s evolution from iconic musician to a fearless politician leading a movement to highlight and challenge President Yoweri Museveni’s oppressive 34-year regime over Uganda.

The first episode, “Freedom,” investigates the violent measures of Ugandan president Yuseveni Musevini has taken to suppress and attack Bobi Wine’s campaign, starting with a peculiar trip to visit the president from Kanye West.


The podcast is hosted by Dreamville Sudanese-American artist, Bas, and also features exclusive music from both the host and Bobi Wine. Throughout the series, you will receive information about the political revolutions emerging throughout Africa, often on the backs of successful artists who are using their audiences to unite and dismantle decades of political oppression, violence, and corruption.

“The word politician, at least according to Ugandan standards, has lost meaning,” Wine said. “Through my musical strength to highlight the plight of the oppressed people in Uganda… I needed to bridge the gap, I needed to demonstrate to people and encourage them to get actively involved in the way their country is being governed.”

You can check out the trailer here.

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