's ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary's enjoying her Valentine's Day after leaving the singer ahead the Christmas holidays. As 23-year-old Clary continues strives to move forward with her music career without the assistance Kelly or his team, she hit the 'Gram to flaunt her vocal chops with a cover "If It's Love" by Kem ft. before teasing the release a full version. 

Azriel Clary Celebrates Valentine's Day Away From R. Kelly

This marks Azriel Clary's first Valentine's Day in years without R. Kelly. As the internal structure Kelly's empire began to crumble, Clary revealed that he was leaving the singer while finally reuniting with her family. This prompted further tension between her and Kelly's other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, who still seems to be under the singer's wing even while he's behind bars. Clary recently revealed that she has 

In related news, R. Kelly's attorney reportedly m. In documents recently filed to court, Steve Greenberg said, "Mr. Kelly never missed a single court date, from 2002 to 2008, on his previous case. The court did not consider that Mr. Kelly appeared for each and every day his trial and was present when the jury’s verdict was read. The court never considered that Mr. Kelly has been aware these federal investigations and yet did not abscond." A judge has yet to make a ruling.