Ari Lennox has one the best r’n’b albums the year with her highly-perfect Shea Butter Baby album. From artwork to sounds to theme– it was on point. If you haven’t heard it, now is the perfect time to dive right in, especially since we’re all just chilling around the house. Many (or rather, ) are predicting a baby Quarantine boom, and undoubtedly Ari Lennox’s music can help us achieve such a goal.

Ari Lennox Reveals "Shea Butter Baby" Remixes EP Drops Friday

David Livingston/Getty s

Not only that, she’s really doubling down on the help, opting to release the remix EP for Shea Butter Baby this Friday. She revealed the news on Instagram, unveiling a “remixed” cover art in the process. Her original, nude-themed and muted artwork which showcased her elegantly posing is swapped for something a bit bolder, and much more orange, while her pose is equally has a bit more swagger and give-no-fucks attitude to it.

While she hasn’t left us any details as to what we might expect from the remix EP, we are excited to add this one into the Quarantine Life rotation.

Shea Butter Baby has several appearances on our R&B Season playlist, so keep it locked, as we’ll definitely be adding a few more Ari records to it come Friday.