Fans on social media are still trying to put the pieces together and figure out if Ari Fletcher is pregnant or not following a possible hint she posted on her Instagram. What first was a laugh turned into fans keeping their eyes peeled for more clues as Ari asked her friends to get her a pregnancy test, but they returned with a thermometer instead.

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Whether the Instagram model is pregnant or not, she is gearing up to celebrate the third birthday of her firstborn, Yosohn Santana shared with rapper G Herbo. While motherhood is nothing short of amazing, Ari shares a time where intimate moments with her baby got her through depression.

“This video is from June 17th, 2018. I watch this video and it makes me so emotional but so strong,” said the model. “I was living in Chicago in a condo and I was so depressed. In this moment I felt like all I had was my son,” she captioned a black and white video of her and her son.


“My whole world was falling apart, I was at such a low point in my life I thought it was over for me. I couldn’t see past whatever was outside this window,” she stated. “Lol But I used to play this song for my son when he would cry and it made him so calm. I was going through postpartum depression but I knew I could never give up on my baby. Something about this moment helped my mind see something bigger… anytime I feel weak, empty, sad or whatever unpleasant way that I can feel I come back to this video and it reminds me that it’s not over.”

Ari is now dating rapper Moneybagg Yo, who is a father of seven. Could the two be ready for an additional family member?

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