and before the league suspended its operations due to the Coronavirus, he was having one his best seasons. Now, Davis is sitting on his couch at home, waiting for the call that the league will resume. Unfortunately, this won’t happen for quite some time. Recently, Davis was asked about the Coronavirus and his thoughts on the pandemic.

In an interview with Tania Ganguli the Los Angeles Times, Davis noted that he is pretty scared about everything that is going and that for now, he is just trying to keep himself informed.  right now and people are being infected at an alarming rate. 

Anthony Davis Offers Sobering Thoughts On Coronavirus Pandemic

Vivien Killilea/Getty s for First Entertainment

Per Davis:

“I just saw yesterday the United States became number one in cases. It’s kind just getting out hand. I’m trying to stay as safe as possible, doing what our team doctors told us and just trying to have a good spirit about everything and tell the people I can reach out to, to stay safe. Obviously it’s a tragedy and devastating. There’s a sadness what’s going on with our players around the league, our players families and everyone around the world. When a lot people are going through it and able to share their stories and share the severity the situation it helps everyone out. It opens people’s eyes … a lot people aren’t too informed about it.”

Moving forward, Davis and his teammates will be looking to keep themselves and their families safe. If they practice social distancing, along with everyone else, this pandemic could end sooner rather than later.