Andrew W.K. Named "Person of the Year" by Suicide Prevention Group

Andrew W.K. Named "Person of the Year" by Suicide Prevention Group

Andrew W.K. Named "Person  the Year" by Suicide Prevention Group

Andrew W.K. has spent the better part two decades releasing fist-pumping party anthems, but despite his frat-friendly sounds his music is far from superficial. In fact, his message is so uplifting that he’s just been named “person the year” by a suicide prevention group.

The American Association Suicidology has honoured W.K. for what it describes as “his life-affirming music and work, which promotes celebrating all life has to fer.”

In response, the thoughtful rockstar has penned an incredibly insightful response. It reads as follows:

Words cannot adequately convey my astonishment at having been selected for this unique recognition. I’m grateful to the American Association Suicidology for the incredibly valuable work they’ve done for so long, and continue to do now, when it’s needed more than ever.

My story is a familiar one: from a young age, I felt consistently uneasy in the world, and thus began an ongoing search for something to quell the sense wrongness inside me. I was lucky enough to discover a life’s work which not only transmuted my darker tendencies into something brighter and more deserving my energy, but also allowed me to amplify and share that quest with others. In my mission to find joyful meaning in life, I never imagined my rock and roll destiny would become a source inspiration for those who also dwelled in the shadows. To reach into the abyss and somehow make contact with the unknown is both terrifying and miraculous, but even more terrifying and miraculous, is to reach into yourself and somehow make contact with your fellow man. It’s in this quintessential form contact — this primal physical and emotional connection — that the Truth about life must surely be found. This is our challenge—to see if we can find the other person inside us, and us in them, and to let this process enlightened discovery open our hearts, and purify our minds.

I’d like to humbly accept this award on behalf all the people who work every day at forging this sacred human bond. I’d like to accept this award on behalf music itself, and on behalf the mysterious life-force feeling I simply call ‘partying.’ I’d like to accept this award on behalf every person who has struggled and overcome, and struggled and fallen — for I have been both. I’d also like to accept this honor on behalf every person who’s lost someone — or lost themselves — to seemingly insurmountable darkness. In a world confusion, distress, and extraordinary challenges, there are few efforts more worthwhile than devoting oneself to the raising the collective human spirit. If any our work can contribute to this vast emergency — this crisis joy — then may the Party Gods grant us ever more strength, so we may all help make the world a partier place.

Andrew W.K. will keep the positive vibes flowing with the release his new album You’re Not Alone on March 2 Sony.